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British Museum
Highlights Tour

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 14:00 at the King Edward's Entrance of The British Museum.

On this tour of the British Museum we tell one of the greatest stories there is: how we humans went from living in small, nomadic bands to building vast interconnected civilisations that dominate the planet.

The path we trace will take us from our origins in the wild to the first empires and the wonders of the Enlightenment.

Along the way you will see many of the British Museum's famous highlights, including the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon Marbles, the Lewis Chessmen and many more.

The tour takes about two hours.

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The Original Camden Pub Crawl

Meets every night between 19:30 and 21:20 at Belushi’s Camden.

The original alternative London pub crawl. The Camden Pub Crawl takes you off the tourist trail to the best bars, clubs and live music venues in London. You get free shots, free entry, queue jump and drinks discounts saving you loads of money. More importantly, you get to meet and party with a whole lot of people. Highlights of the bar crawl include Fest (a 200-year-old horse hospital converted into a club with stables kitted out as drinking booths), the Blues Kitchen, Camden Assembly and, on Fridays, Fest (formerly Proud Camden).

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East End And Street Art Walking Tour

Starts outside Liverpool Street Station. Email: bookings@undiscoveredlondon.com to organise your tour.

This alternative tour introduces you to London’s most creative and culturally diverse area. The East End is the bohemian heart of London, as famous now for its booming street art scene, fashion boutiques and curry houses as it once was infamous for its poverty, violence and gangsters. You’ll see work by street artists, including Banksy, and hear about the eccentric characters and waves of immigration that have shaped this vibrant area.

The tour takes about two hours.

Royal London Walking Tour

Stars in Green Park. Email: bookings@undiscoveredlondon.com to organise your tour.

This is the perfect introduction to royal London. You’ll see all the famous attractions, including Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the houses of parliament, Westminster Abbey and the Changing of the Guard. You’ll also discover little-known streets, hear anecdotes and stories, and get a feel for the great sweep of London history from Roman times right up to the present day – a story like no other!

Camden Markets And Music Walking Tour

Starts outside KOKO nightclub. Email: bookings@undiscoveredlondon.com to organise your tour.

With live acoustic music performed throughout by our talented musicians, this is no ordinary walking tour! Discover how music icons, including Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Blur, The Sex Pistols, Madness, The Rolling Stones and many more made Camden Town the world capital of rock n roll. We’ll also introduce you to Camden’s famous stables and canal side markets, pointing out our favourite stalls and giving you time to look around.

The tour takes about two hours.